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About Us

About Us

The legal team of the Law Office Martić consists of experts in the area of Commercial Law, White Collar Crime, Civil Law and Property Law. For more than 20 years we have been successfully representing a large number of legal and natural persons, both domestic and foreign, in the Republic of Serbia.In our legal practice, we apply the highest professional standards, putting interests of our clients first.

Our fees are transparent, presented to the client beforehand, and in accordance with the Tariff in force, the complexity of the case and the reasonable expectations of the client.

The Office is located in Belgrade, at 1 AlekseNenadovića Street, Vračar (Slavija).

Our Team

In business, as it is in life, the most important thing is to chose the right partner. We take pride in a job well done. Our legal team will always be ready to help you with a case you might have, to give you suggestions and advice.


Dejan Martić


Graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in 2000. The internship was...



Stana Martić


Graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in 1999. Apprentice attorney from...



Andrija Vukadinović

Law Intern

Born in 1993 in Užice. Finished elementary school and high school in Užice. Graduated from...



Years of experience in providing legal assistance to legal and natural persons is our best recommendation. We try to find the most creative and efficient solution to every dispute. We establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect with our clients.

Commercial Law

Criminal Law

Real Law
(Ius in Re)

Contracts and Torts

Collection of Debt


Compensation of Damage

Succession Law

Purchase and Sale of Real Estate


Administrative Law


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  • Attorney-at-Law Advokat Dejan Martić
  • e-mail: dmartic@eunet.rs
  • Attorney-at-Law Advokat Stana Martić
  • e-mail: advstana@eunet.rs
  • Law intern Andrija Vukadinović
  • e-mail: pripravnik.advokatmartic@gmail.com
  • Office address:: Beograd, ul. Alekse Nenadovića br. 1 (Slavija)
  • Tel: +381 113446451
  • Tel: +381 641134848